Snow Day

One of my more recent stories, but the first on my blog 😉 hope you enjoy!


Cold. So very,very cold. It was the first real day of winter in Montana, and at three in the afternoon it was just gettin’ above 0. Christie’s fingers were practically growing icicles,and her toes had gone numb a long time ago. But there wasn’t much left, she was almost done with Mama’s driveway, then she could go inside and have cocoa and get paid her 50 cents.

But as she shoveled the last scoop off the driveway, Christie noticed that, across the street, Old man Leroy’s driveway was still 2 foot deep in the fresh snow. She sighed, knowing mama wouldn’t let her have peace until she’d ‘done like the good Lord would’, and gone and shoveled the snow away. She stomped her frozen feet, threw her shovel over her shoulder, and headed over.

As Christie dug into the white powder, she imagined that each scoop was something mean one of the bullies had said to her recently. Bobbie, Joey, and Leroy always teased her about everything, like her constant farmyard smell and her uneven teeth, even though mama said they made her special.

“Ya need braces, Crusty!” Poof. A shovelful of powder.

“Maybe you should just go join the other smelly pigs, Crusty!!” Splat. Another one, this scoop larger,and wetter from the melting snow.

“Say, Crusty, you sure you’re really a girl?” She envisioned Bobbie’s face as she attacked the snow, angrily. Then, from behind her,she heard the hated voices for real.

“Whatcha doin here, Crusty? This is our spot.”

“Ain’t nobody’s ‘spot’ Bobbie,” she retorted, without turning.

“Weeelll, ya see, Crusty, ain’t nobody that says it ain’t our spot. An’ the ol’ man pays us to shovel, so you can finish and we get paid anyhow, or ya can skeedaddle. We wouldn’t like to hurt ya, would we, guys?”

“I ain’t budgin’. I’m gonna finish, let him know I done it fer free, and then I’m gonna go home,” Christie replied, hoping they didn’t do anything stupid to get rid of her. Like snowballing her. She was better with a snowball than anyone else in the eighth grade,but they didn’t know that.

“I said GIT,” shouted Bobbie loudly, clearly irked that she was standing up to them. “Boy’s, start snowballin’ her. She’ll git away soon ’nuff.” His goons began gathering snow, some or it with small rocks or ice balls inside them, the shovels they’d brought forgotten in the snow.

All Christie had to do was hit the window. Not too hard, iffen you was as good as she was. She pulled back her arm facing the bullies, but surprised them all when she turned and hit the window dead on.

BAM! The front door opened quite loudly, and Old man Leroy came out in his sweater, with newspaper in his hand, seemingly very angry.

“What the ‘ell are are all you kids doing in my yard? Are you hoodlums botherin’ that poor girl? Git! Git,I tell ya! I shan’t pay you no more!”

Christie smiled as they ran away, knowing they wouldn’t bother her anytime soon. After all, the last kids that messed with Old man Leroy disappeared, or so the  story was. So everybody was afraid of Old man Leroy.


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